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"Great songs... Chris Castle is a hidden gem that shines with diverse life experience."

- Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson)

Chris Castle builds the kind of songs that three generations of America grew up with. His music is an homage to the archetypal elements found in the past century of popular music, drawing from classic Country, early Rock & Roll, Bluegrass, Folk, Blues, and traditional Pop. Castle’s ability to seamlessly blend these genres into something all his own is a testament to his deep love and understanding of the tapestry of American music. These aren't period pieces; they're living, breathing songs, that carry the DNA of American roots music.

It's no surprise then, that he has found himself at home alongside some of the godfathers of modern Americana music. Castle has shared stages and studios with legendary artists like Garth Hudson (the Band), Chris Hillman (the Byrds), Tommy Ramone (the Ramones), Jimmy Webb, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Larry Campbell (Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson). His 2012 release, Last Bird Home, was recorded at the storied Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY and broke the top 10 on multiple roots radio charts.

Castle's latest release, Long Way to the Bottom, is his first full-length studio album in over a decade. Tracked with the three-time Grammy winning studio duo of engineer Justin Guip (the Black Crowes, Hot Tuna) and producer Larry Campbell, it showcases the strength of Castle's songs, and sees them dressed in their finest clothes.



Chris Castle Americana Songwriter (tree logo)

Garth Hudson (the Band) - Junior Brown
Tommy Ramone (the Ramones)
Chris Hillman (the Byrds) - Amy Speace

Jimmy Webb  -  Justin Guip  -  Peter Case
Radney Foster  -  Larry Campbell

Ray Wylie Hubbard  -  Darrell Scott

The Wood Brothers  -  Eric Taylor

the everybodyfields  -  Sandy Allen

Richard Shindell  -  The Womacks

The Franklin Brothers  -  David Amram

Eilen Jewell  -  Jonathan Edwards

Jim White  -  Jimmy Vivino  -  Jeff Black   

NBC Cleveland  -  ABC (Lexington, KY)

Cleveland Magazine  -  The Day (New London, CT)

WDVX fm (Knoxville, TN)  -  NHPR (Concord, NH)

NBC New Haven (CT)  -  The Cleveland Plain Dealer

WKSU fm (Kent, OH)  -  WBGU (Bowling Green, OH)

Ohio Magazine  -  The Sandusky Register

WJCT (Jacksonville, FL) - Folk Alley - No Depression

Billboard - No Surf Music - WYSO fm (Dayton, OH)

WLKR fm (Avery, OH)  -  WRUW fm (Cleveland, OH)

The Morning Journal (Mansfield, OH)  -  Erie WIRE

The Norwalk Reflector (OH)  -  Cool Cleveland


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